Jr. high believe


April 6-7

Cost is $70 (due April 1)


2018 CIY Believe "WITH"

(based on Matthew 28:20 I am with you always.)  

Many things can cause a Jr. High student to become lonely.  Anxiety, sin, depression, distorted identity, rejection, self-worth, abandonment, even technology plays a role.   But God teaches us that relationships are key in life. A relationship with Jesus is where life really comes from - eternal life. And if Jr. high students have a distorted view of how relationships work here on earth, they'll have a mistaken view of how a relationship with Jesus works.  This year's Believe tour will help these students know exactly what it means to have a relationship WITH Jesus.  WITH - it's a common word, but when spoken in the context of a relationship with Jesus it has such a deeper meaning.  By focusing on Matthew 28:20 and exploring the idea of a relationship "WITH" Jesus, Believe will help Jr. High Students discover how to worship God through a right and faithful relationship with Him.


  • The cost is $70 and is NOT due at the time of registration, but due April 1.  If paying by check, put BELIEVE and your student’s name on the memo line.
  • Event is at Anderson University.  Spending the night at Outlook.  We head out on Friday for the start of Believe in Anderson and then we make our way back to church where we have a ton of fun and engage the students in conversation that reflect what they just heard. After getting some rest and filling up on breakfast on Saturday, we head back to Anderson University for the day before heading back to Outlook.
  • CIY Believe is for jr. high students only (6th, 7th, & 8th). Current 8th grade students are allowed to attend Believe, as well as CIY MOVE.

If you have any questions, contact Mitch or Janna.