SUNDAY Foundation

During the 9am worship service, Student Loft (located on the second level)

Our Foundation is established in our relationship with Jesus Christ, to whom we worship, pray, and hear from through Scripture. Whether you consider the student ministry your second family or are walking in for the first time, high school and junior high students worship Christ together with their voices, hearts, and minds on Sunday mornings. New faces are always welcome to join in on the celebration! We are currently doing a year-long series called "A Year with Jesus."

SUNDAY Clarity

Jr. High & High School, 6-8pm

We strive to provide clarity to God’s Word and His will in the students’ lives, and we have a lot of fun doing it! The purpose of Clarity is for students to GROW in their understanding and ability to respond to difficult and relevant issues or topics as Christ’s disciples. Topics and questions are addressed, discussed, and researched so students are prepared to defend their faith in Jesus Christ. It's a great time to come, have some fun, and connect as part of a family.  


Dates listed on the STUDENT EVENTS page.

High School - 1st Tuesday of every month from 6:30-9pm at various locations


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