Core4 classes

These classes occur every Sunday at Outlook at 9:00am.

1st Sunday of the month we have our CONNECT class, 2nd Sunday is our GROW class, 3rd Sunday is our SERVE class, and the 4th is our GO class.  All these classes will help you with your next steps in launching your faith.  No need to sign up, just come and join us in Room 109 (next to the Café) at 9:00am.

CONNECT Class - November 4

If you’d like to become a member of our church or you want to learn more about Outlook, our beliefs, strategy, and values...this class is for you. It’s all about connecting to Christ and the Church.


GROW Class - November 11

God’s purpose for you is to become like Jesus—really! This class focuses on developing the habits that help us grow spiritually strong and mature.


SERVE Class - November 18

This class is designed to "prepare God's people for works of ministry.” (Eph. 4:11). You’ll begin to discover the gifts God has given you and how you can find your place on the team.


GO Class - November 25

This class helps you share your faith personally, positively, and effectively as an expression of your love for Jesus and others. You’ll learn your personal evangelism style and how Outlook is actively sharing God’s grace locally and around the world.