sponsor a child

Child sponsorship is an essential element of many global missions, including some of our missions partners. As we have traveled to these countries, we have seen firsthand the tremendous impact sponsorship makes on the lives of children. Sponsorship is easy, relatively inexpensive, and lets you support and even build relationships with God’s children around the world. Here is how you can sponsor a child with one of our global missions partners:

MOHI Grogon

Outlook partners with two other Indianapolis Churches, Indian Creek Christian Church and East 91st Street Christian Church, to sponsor the Missions of Hope International school in the Nairobi slum of Grogon. The goal of our three churches is to make sure that every Grogon School student is sponsored. Sponsors not only support children at Grogon, they communicate with them and have the opportunity to send them gifts and even visit their children personally through our frequent mission trips to Kenya. Here’s how you can sponsor at child at the Grogon School:

  • Go to the CMF Child Sponsorship page.   
  • Select Kenya-MOHI from the Location Tab and Grogon from the School Tab.   
  • A list of children needing sponsors will follow with info about each child.   
  • You can then select a child and complete the sponsorship form.   
  • Once you complete the form, you will receive more info about your sponsored child directly from CMF.   
  • When you sponsor a child, let Mike know at mwilkins@outlookchurch.org

His Eyes Milk Project

The Milk Project at His Eyes in Honduras provides children in need with academic support, Biblical teaching, and a good meal each day. Students spend half the day in school and half the day in the Milk Project. The Milk Project gives kids the structure, support, and love they need to not just survive but succeed in the difficult neighborhood they live in. 

Learn more here:  MILK PROJECT INFO

Subscribe/Donate to the Milk Project here:  MILK PROJECT DONATE

Haitian Christian Outreach

For only $12 per month, sponsors make it possible for children in Haiti to attend one of six Emmanuel Christian Schools operated by Haitian Christian Outreach. These schools provide students with one of the best education opportunities in Haiti and do so in a loving, supportive Christian environment.

You can sponsor a child here:  HCO CHILD SPONSORSHIP