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Kenya Mission Team Child Survival Program Project

One of the most exciting things about this year's Kenya mission team is that two of our team members are going to get to put their professional skills to work on the mission field. Two of our team members, Carli Mellentine and Ana Vallow, are doulas. They will spend part of their time in Kenya participating in MOHI's Child Survival Program. They will be teaching pregnant women about prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, as well as teaching Community Health Volunteers from MOHI how to provide this training in the future.

The rest of our team is supporting this project by putting together Birth Kits for the expectant moms and Health Kits from the Community Health Volunteers. The Birth Kits include supplies that expectant moms would bring to the hospital with them that will help them care for themselves and their babies in the hospital and after they get home. The kits include things like diapers, cotton balls, soap, and other hygiene items, as well as several clothing items. The Health Kits include things like bag, gloves, sanitizer, and other items the Kenyan Community Health Volunteers will need as they work with expectant moms in the future. Some of these items are being donated by other "birth" professionals from here in our area. But we will also be purchasing many of the needed items directly in Kenya, rather than incurring the cost of hauling them to Kenya from home. 

You can help support the Child Survival Program Project by making donations to the Kenya mission team. Donations can be made online by selecting "Child Survival Program Project" under the Kenya team on our online giving page. Or you can put donations into the offering basket or towers. Just make sure your donations is identified as going toward the Child Survival Program Project. 

You can also help by praying for the moms, babies, and Community Health Volunteers whose lives will be touched by our team. Pray for their health and safety and that the love and care they will receive in this process will help them and their family strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Questions? Contact Mikemwilkins@outlookchurch.org.

2020 Mission Trips

Is God calling you to stretch your faith by serving others around the world? Prayerfully consider an upcoming mission trip. Watch for details to follow.

Haiti, June 19-27

Our mission trip to Haiti originally scheduled for last fall was cancelled due to political unrest at the time. Those problems are behind us and the trip has been rescheduled! This opens up opportunities to join the existing team.  

The team will leave on Friday afternoon, spend the night in Miami, then catch an early morning flight to Port Au Prince. From there, we will take a 20 minute flight on a small plane and a quick drive to Peredo, the home to the main campus of Haitian Christian Outreach. During the week, the team will participate in a variety of physical, relational, and vision activities, all in service to people living in the poorest country in the northern hemisphere.

Check out the information sheet for more details or contact Mike Wilkins, mwilkins@outlookchurch.org, with questions.  Applications to join the team are due March 15. 

Kenya, September 24-October 4 (with our partner at The Creek)

Honduras, October 10-17