Service opportunities at post & 42nd

  • Spring Outdoor Soccer – Our flag football program was so popular last fall we have decided to follow up with an outdoor soccer league this spring. This will be 3 v. 3 soccer for elementary age boys and girls. 3 v. 3 soccer is fast paced, loads of fun, and very easy to coach. No soccer knowledge (or even athletic ability!) is necessary, just an enjoyment working with kids. Practice plans, devotionals, and everything else you need will be provided. All you need is some time and enthusiasm. The season will begin the first week in April and will wrap up by early or mid-June. Coaches pick their own practice nights (M, T, or Th), with games on Saturday morning and early afternoon. This is a tremendous opportunity to touch kids’ lives and help us continue to build relationships in the neighborhood.
  • Classroom Tutor – Classroom tutors serve in an assigned classroom approximately one hour each week. Tutors are directed by the individual classroom teachers and work directly with students, often helping students who need additional instruction on specific subjects. 
  • Requested Tutor – We often receive requests to assist specific students who are struggling in one or more subject areas. These opportunities can be short term (getting a struggling student up to speed with a particular math concept or reading skill) or longer term (providing guidance and direction to students who require additional assistance). Volunteers can tutor during the school day or after school (generally, 3:45-5:00), depending on the needs of the individual student and teacher. 
  • Classroom Sponsor – Classroom sponsors show Christ’s love to teachers at School 105 through prayer, small gifts, notes of encouragement, and even by providing classroom supplies or treats for the teacher’s students. Participation as a classroom sponsor can be as involved as you want, from just the occasional note to regular communications, gifts, etc. Good opportunity for life groups!  
  • Kingdom Kids – We lead a character-oriented Bible study for elementary age students who live in Meadowlark Apartments, a large apartment complex in the neighborhood. The group meets every other Monday from 5:00 to 6:30. Volunteers lead small groups for the last half of each session or work with individual students who need additional direction and guidance. This is one of the ways we are building stronger relationships with at-risk kids and, hopefully, their families. 
  • Family Fun Night – March 3, 6:00-8:00pm. This is a casual evening where parents can bring their children, enjoy a family-friendly movie, play some games, have some snacks, and just enjoy their time together. Volunteers help serve food and make families feel welcome, sometimes by simply joining in the games! This is one of our easiest and most enjoyable volunteer opportunities and a great way to get introduced to some of the families we serve. 
  • Parenting Class – Wednesdays beginning March 8, 6:00-8:00pm. Volunteers can serve by teaching “Sunday School” or working in the nursery during parenting classes taught at Crossroads. This is a program parents in the neighborhood have asked for after participating in prior ministry programs. This is a great opportunity to serve in a behind the scenes way that will allow parents to be blessed by learning more about God’s intention for them as parents. 
  • Teach One, Lead One – This is a character program for small groups (4-5) of students during their lunch time. Students get their lunch from the cafeteria, they return to their classroom for informal instruction and discussion on various aspects of character. An easy to follow curriculum is provided to help volunteers lead the discussion. This is an excellent opportunity to build relationships with kids who are often lacking positive role models. 

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