When our church moved to these 50 acres ten years ago, we knew in faith that God had big plans for Outlook Christian Church. That has certainly proven to be true. What a journey the last decade has been!


And now we find ourselves standing at another exciting threshold. The completion of Phase Two in 2016 marked a necessary and significant accomplishment as we made a lot more room for our NextGen ministries and expanded our Commons. Today we get to focus on reducing our mortgage and preparing for Phase Three.


So for the next three years, starting Sunday, February 10, 2019, we will be prayerfully committing ourselves to giving over-and-above financial gifts to this initiative. God has always miraculously and wonderfully provided through the sacrificial and generous giving of each Outlooker. PREPARED has all the potential to be our most fruitful capital initiative yet. Let’s pray that it is because so much depends on it.

Ultimately, challenges like this one are spiritual far more than they are financial. So what matters most is every Outlooker praying about this, making the financial investment we’re led to make, and following through on our commitments.

Our mortgage is currently around $4.95M. Adding PREPARED giving to our current monthly payment means we could see our balance lower to around $4.2M. Of course, it’s important that we manage debt carefully and reduce it quickly.

To get ready for further expansion we have some necessary things to do on our grounds: expand our retention pond, level our elevations, adjust our drainage, and perhaps add a drive that will eventually allow us to bridge our creek and access our back 33 acres. All of these items will need to be accomplished no matter what before we begin another building phase.

How will this giving initiative be a success?

PREPARED will be a success when every Outlooker:

1) Understands and appreciates the value and purpose of this initiative and how it propels the mission and continues the story God is telling through our church. 

2) Goes before the Lord and seeks understanding regarding what kind of over-and-above gift they can sacrificially and joyfully give. 

3) Makes a happy, faith-stretching, pledge to this project over the next 36 months. When that happens, then whatever the pledges total, we are confident God will provide.


How much will all this cost?

Here are the estimates of how PREPARED funds will be put to their best use:

While we utilize ~$550K for debt reduction, we will also make progress on these construction necessities as funds are available: 

1) ~$400K for leveling ground elevations, expanding pond, and adding drainage,

2) ~$150K to create drive that will eventually allow access to the east side of our campus, and

3) ~$400K to bridge the creek so development of the east side can begin.

Why should I invest here?

Wisdom dictates you should only invest where you will see a good return on your investment. So do not invest in the Lord’s work here at Outlook unless: you are being fed God’s Word in a way that helps you grow, you are seeing life change in yourself and others, and you believe in our church’s mission—developing disciples of Jesus who are connecting, growing, serving, and going—and the vision and purpose of this initiative—reducing our mortgage and readying our campus for future phases.


When do commitments begin?

Together, as a congregation, we will make our 36-month pledge to this initiative starting February 10, 2019.  Of course, commitments can and will be made anytime after this as well. However, the more of us committed by this date, the better we can move forward and make good decisions. And what a thrill to see what God will do in these next three years! 

Dearest Outlook Family,

These are exciting times to be a part of Outlook.

As we look back at all God has done since our move to his campus ten years ago, we are amazed and give Him glory! 

We are reaching out and serving our community with vigor, and we are worshipping and learning from our Lord with spiritual hunger and joy.  What a blessing!

Our new campus and it steady expansion have been the result of enormous amounts of hard work, diligence, and significant sacrifice on the part of so many of you.  That labor and those sacrifices have certainly not been in vain!  Today, with this wind at our backs, we are preparing for what God has in store!

Sure, it’s about raising funds, but it’s more about continuing to raise our faith.  We have good things God has given us to do.  We are determined to be ready to do them all and do them well.

I ask you to join Tamara and me as we prayerfully consider our level of sacrifice for this worthy aim.  I love this church and am delighted to serve with each of you. 


Rob McCord

Senior Minister