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Want a truly cross-cultural experience without leaving your home? Volunteer to host and exchange student attending Horizon Christian School. There are two opportunities for hosts. 

Three families are needed to host long term exchange students from Germany. One student is a freshman girl who will be here from August through December. The other two are a sophomore and a junior boy who will each be here from August through June. Host families are responsible for providing daily transportation to Horizon, and providing room and board for the kids. Host siblings are eligible to participate in a 3 week immersion program in Germany next summer.

In addition, approximately 10-12 families are need to host 6th through 11th grade student from China who well be here during the month of August. Host families are responsible for providing room, board, and transportation to Horizon each day. Host families will receive $200.

If you would like to participate in either program, contact Mike, mwilkins@outlookchurch.org.


Is God calling you to stretch your faith by serving others around the world?  Prayerfully consider one of our 2017 mission trips.  Watch for details to follow.  Interested in going on a mission trip? Contact Mike, mwilkins@outlookchurch.org.


Christian Missionary Fellowship, Missions of Hope Int'l, and Haitian Christian Outreach offer a future for children through their child sponsorship program. Children selected for this program receive an excellent education, food, clothing, medical care, books, counseling, and gain an understanding of the love of God.  We have opportunities for child sponsorship all around the world.  Learn more.

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