go share some local love

At Outlook, we believe that the church makes the greatest impact when it is reaching out to others in need, especially in our local community.  We do that by supporting LOCAL MINISTRY PARTNERS who are effectively addressing the physical, spiritual, and educational needs of people in McCordsville, Hancock County, and throughout greater Indianapolis. 

We also do that by sending Outlookers into the COMMUNITY (scroll below) to serve the poor and the oppressed and to bring the good news of Jesus to those who do not yet know Him.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Mike Wilkins, Missions and Outreach Minister, at mwilkins@outlookchurch.org.

SERVE IN THE community

There are many areas to serve in our community.  

If you'd like more info on the following, contact Mike at mwilkins@outlookchurch.org.


One of the many ways Outlookers can share the love of Christ at Christmas is through our annual Giving Tree.  In the Commons, you will find a Christmas tree loaded with “ornaments” that identify Christmas gifts for families in need or for one of our global missionary partners. Take an ornament from the tree and return the gift by the appropriate deadline. Physical gifts must be returned by December 15.  Financial gifts can be made through Christmas Eve. Physical gifts should be wrapped, unless otherwise indicated on the gift ornament. Click here to read more about our partners for this year's Giving Tree. 


is a clothing bank that serves the needs of both high school students with disabilities and families struggling with poverty. Through this program, students in transition store, sort, wash, and fold donated clothing. In the process, these students learn skills they can use to be more independent and obtain employment in the future. Those clothes are then distributed to kids and families throughout the school system who can't afford clothing. While the students do most of the work themselves, they require assistance with some tasks, such as tagging clothes, separating clothes by season, and helping track how the clothes are distributed. In order to help this program succeed, we’d like to provide volunteers who would work in the morning at the administration building. Scheduling would be very flexible. This is a great way to serve many different elements in our community, including students, families in need, and the school system itself.


creates extended family-like support for families in need of temporary care and supervision of their children through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and keep families intact.


is a faith-based mission and food pantry serving all residents of Hancock County to better lives and offer physical and spiritual support. Angel Connection has a constant need for non-perishable food, but occasionally has more immediate needs for specific items. Donations can be placed in the bin under the Missions and Outreach Tables in the Commons. Here are the most recent donations needed: Cleaning Supplies (dish soap, any kind of cleaners, etc.), Kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper, crackers, cereal, mayo, ketchup, and mustard. 


our local ministry partner in Greenfield, needs donations to help area homeless get a new start. Drop off donations directly to Hancock Hope House. The following items are needed: trash bags (39-gallon size), cleaning supplies, paper products, laundry detergent, spiral notebooks. Volunteers are also needed: cashiers, sorting, and stocking the sales floor at Hancock Hope House’s thrift store (located at 35 E. Pierson St., Greenfield). Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 11am-7pm and Saturday 11am-2pm. The thrift store provides 55% of HHH’s annual budget. Interested in volunteering? An application is available at hancockhopehouse.org or 317-467-4991.

Renewal Neighborhood Ministry

Outlook has a heart for the families in the neighborhood near Post and 42nd Streets, one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in Indianapolis. This area has been designated by the city as one of six “targeted” neighborhoods due to high rates of poverty, crime, and other factors. The area is less than 15 minutes from Outlook and many Outlookers live closer to it than they do to Outlook!

Because of the great needs in the neighborhood, we have formed a non-profit with our partner church in the neighborhood, Crossroads Bible Church, to help us minister more effectively.  The non-profit, called Renewal Neighborhood Ministry, is committed to transforming the neighborhood by sharing the love of Christ.  We take a holistic approach to ministry that focuses on education, poverty alleviation, evangelism and discipleship, and community involvement.

Our commitment to the Post and 42nd neighborhood gives Outlookers many opportunities to serve, build relationships in the neighborhood, and share the love of Christ with those who are truly in need. Check here regularly to see if God is calling you to serve at Post and 42nd.

Since we’ve felt called to serve in the neighborhood, Outlook has created several ministry opportunities (many with our partner church, Crossroads Bible Church) that are listed below and we’d love for you to get involved.


One of the ways we love to bless others at Christmas is by operating a “Christmas Store” for selected families in the neighborhoods near Post Road and 42nd Street. For $5, parents can shop at the store and select a hat, gloves, two toys, a game, and miscellaneous small presents for their kids. We then wrap the gifts and the parents take them home and put them under the tree for their kids as gifts from the parents, not from the church or some agency. By allowing parents to shop for their children rather than simply giving away gifts, the Christmas Store concept not only ensures that these children will get to experience the joy of receiving presents at Christmas, it also allows parents to have more input on the gifts their children will receive and to have the joy of being the ones who actually give the gifts to their children. This is an incredible opportunity for us to serve those in need in a way that honors them and respects their dignity. It is also a way opportunity to develop relationships with the parents in the neighborhood, which creates more opportunities to minister to these families and share the love of Christ with them. In order to make the Christmas Store a success, we need LOTS of donations of NEW toys and games for children from infants through high school. There are also lots of opportunities to serve in the Store on Saturday, December 21 or to help set up during the prior week. To sign up to volunteer, click here. Questions? Contact Mike.


Classroom tutors are assigned to a specific teacher at IPS 105 and assist in the classroom as that teacher directs. Classroom tutors volunteer during the school day, usually for an hour one day per week, sometimes more. All tutors work directly with students, one-on-one or in small groups. Dates and times are flexible. An IPS background check is required.


Staff sponsors show Christ’s love to teachers and other staff members at IPS 105 through prayer, small gifts, notes of encouragement, and even by providing classroom supplies or treats for the teacher’s students. Participation as a staff sponsor can be as involved as you want, from just the occasional note to regular communications, gifts, etc. We get LOTS of positive feedback from staff members who love the fact that they are supported and appreciated. This is a great opportunity for life groups!


Our After School Program serves a small group of kindergartners through third graders. We help kids with academics, work on character building, and teach kids about Jesus, His love for them, and His plans for them. This is one of our most rewarding programs, for students and volunteers alike. The After School Program meets Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:45 to 5:15 Volunteers can serve one day a week (or both!) or on an as-needed basis.


Our Sports Ministry gives kids in the neighborhood one of the few chances they realistically have to participate in organized sports. More importantly, it teaches kids about God and how to live their lives according to His Word. This fall, we are offering kickball for all kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade and for 4th through 6th grade girls, as well as flag football for 4th through 6th grade boys. We need lots of volunteers to make this ministry happen, especially coaches and assistant coaches, referees, and practice administrators. The time commitment is minimal – an hour during the week and an hour on Saturdays – but the impact on these kids’ lives is huge. Practices begin the week of August 26 and games will run from September 7 through October 12. No coaching experience is necessary, just a desire to share God’s love with children in need.


One of the things we have learned while serving in the neighborhood is that transportation is an issue for many families and can be a factor that prevents students from being able to participate in worthwhile activities outside the school day. To encourage participation, our goal is to be able to provide transportation to the students who participate in the After School Program. Drivers are needed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Drivers will pick up one of the vans from the church parking lot, pick up approximately 13 kids at IPS 105, drop them off at their homes (all in a small area near the school), then return the van to Outlook. An adult will accompany the driver at all times when children are present. Drivers may also be needed for field trips and for other opportunities to minister to families.

Many of these students need additional help mastering basic math and reading skills and preparing for standardized testing. Donated laptops will be used to access online resources that will be both helpful and fun for our students. Laptops need to be in good working order, free from any viruses, and have wireless access. We would prefer laptops that will continue to support current operating systems (i.e., Windows 7, 8 or 10; Mac OS X). All personal information should be removed from the laptops, along with all programs other than the basic operating system and a program for internet access (preferably Google Chrome), and all passwords. The laptops do NOT need working batteries (as long as an AC power cord is provided) or any additional accessories.