Serve in OSM

There is room for you to serve in Outlook's Student Ministry (OSM)!

If you're interested in any of the following, send an email to Mitch :

I’m interested in assisting relationally with:

  • Jr. High (6th - 8th grades) 
  • High School (9th - 12th grades) 
  • Doesn’t matter

I’m interested in assisting: 

  • During Sunday morning Foundation
  • During Sunday evening Clarity
  • Coordinate/Assisting with student missions/outreach opportunities  

I’m interested in supporting through: 

  • Opening my home for events or activities
  • Making or providing food or drinks
  • Providing childcare for sponsors
  • Donating goods for events or activities  
  • Assisting monetarily for events, trips, or retreats

Behind the Scenes: 

  • Serving donuts at Foundation
  • Prepping communion at Foundation
  • Cleaning the Student Loft
  • Event planning
  • Donating food items, games, materials for events