Serve in OSM

There is room for you to serve in Outlook's Student Ministry (OSM)!

If you're interested in any of the following, fill out the Parent Volunteer Form and return to Mitch :

I’m interested in assisting relationally with:

  • Jr. High (6th - 8th grades) 
  • High School (9th - 12th grades) 
  • Doesn’t matter

I’m interested in assisting: 

  • During Sunday morning Foundation
  • During Sunday evening Clarity
  • Coordinate/Assisting with student missions/outreach opportunities  

I’m interested in supporting through: 

  • Opening my home for events or activities
  • Making or providing food or drinks
  • Providing childcare for sponsors
  • Donating goods for events or activities  
  • Assisting monetarily for events, trips, or retreats

Behind the Scenes: 

  • Serving donuts at Foundation
  • Prepping communion at Foundation
  • Cleaning the Student Loft
  • Event planning
  • Donating food items, games, materials for events