our global partners

We're honored to work with and support these missionaries and missions organizations doing Christ's work across the globe.

  • J & K


    J & K and their family are missionaries in the Caspian region in the middle east. Due to security concerns, their names and exact location are kept confidential. They minister primarily to Muslims and especially to a specific people group that has had virtually no exposure to the Gospel. The area they serve is largely without the light of Christ and as a result their ministry is very difficult. However, they are quietly shining God’s light and introducing people to love of Christ.

  • Jake & Taneille Lowe


    Jake and Taneille Lowe and their family are missionaries to Ethiopia through Christian Missionary Fellowship. They are part of CMF’s Church Planting Team in Ethiopia, which is focused on spreading the gospel throughout Ethiopia, especially to unreached people groups. The Lowes recently moved to Asossa, about 12 hours west of the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. In addition to helping plant a church in Asossa, they are spreading the gospel to unreached people groups in the region, including the Gumuz, Guama, and Yasso people.

  • Haitian Christian Outreach


    Haitian Christian Outreach (HCO) partners with Haitian Christians to develop disciples for a lasting impact through the continuation of the Gospel. HCO is building generations of new believers through work in four primary areas. Through church planting HCO equips indigenous leaders. HCO ministers to children by meeting their educational, spiritual, and physical needs. HCO serves through health care, providing both medical and dental services. HCO empowers through community development projects to provide economic transformation. 

  • felipe & Valerie COLBY


    Felipe and Valerie have been working in Honduras since August of 2000. His Eyes Ministry is an organization they started to serve God’s work and missionaries in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Specifically, this mission serves the work of the Body of Christ Christian Clinic (Clinica Cristiana Cuerpo de Cristo). His Eyes exists to reach Honduras and beyond for Christ through outreach evangelism. Their purpose and mission is accomplished through outreach evangelism ministries: medical clinics, education, food and clothing distribution, construction, sports ministry, and long-term impact such as church planting, leadership development, and nurturing existing churches.

  • Jim & Caranita Wolsieffer


    Jim and Caranita are originally from Indianapolis. Jim attended Oaklandon Christian Church (before we became Outlook) while Caranita comes from Greenwood Christian Church. They met at Camp Allendale when they were only 12 and 11 years old. They are both graduates of Johnson Bible College and founded Italy for Christ Mission in 1971. Their two daughters have married very fine Italian Christians and both couples are active in their local churches. They have four grandchildren, Federica, Riccardo, Anyssa, and Raffaele.

    Caranita is one of a very small number of Christian family counselors in Italy. They are also actively involved in the Christian church in Francavilla, where their son-in-law, Gianni, is the pastor. There are six local evangelical churches that are currently using the facilities in one way or another. Approximately 70% of the participants in the various activities offered at the center are not Christians which indicates the great potential for outreach in the area.



    Outlook works closely with Missions of Hope in the Korogocho slum of Nairobi, Kenya, one of the largest and most densely populated slums in the world. Along with Indian Creek Christian Church and East 91st Street Christian Church, we sponsor the Grogon School, which is home to almost 250 students in nursery through 6th grade. These local churches make regular trips to serve at Grogon and are providing the majority of the funding for construction of a planned expanded school and neighborhood center. Many Outlookers also sponsor children at Grogon and other schools through MOHI’s child sponsorship program, which is a collaboration with Christian Missionary Fellowship.

    Missions of Hope is transforming the Korogocho community by:

    • Providing education, clothing, and nutritious meals for the poorest children in the village through the child sponsorship program
    • Offering a strong Community Health Evangelism (CHE) program, including the ongoing training of the CHE evangelists
    • Teaching HIV/AIDS awareness and education, as well as instruction on caring for those living with this disease
    • Sponsoring a microfinance loan program for launching small businesses
    • Offering basic health and wellness education
    • Planting churches, offering family counseling, and religious education
  • David Roney


    David Roney has been serving with Josiah Venture (JV) in Latvia since 2011. He grew up a part of Outlook Christian Church. In 2005 he graduated with a degree in Youth Ministry from Moody Bible Institute. He first served with JV in 2004 as a Summer Intern in the Czech Republic. He returned to serve with JV, spending six months in Croatia in 2009 and three weeks in Latvia in the summer of 2010. As a model maker, David partners with local churches to build relationships with young people, disciple them to be like Jesus Christ, and use his musical gifts to help with the Fusion Ministry.

  • Jorge & Diana Lugo


    Jorge and Diana have served as missionaries in Venezuela since August 2007. Their ministry is focused on church planting throughout Venezuela and transforming the lives of the Venezuelan people through the good news of Christ. Their church is known as the Impacto Church.

  • Marty & Tina

    west africa

    Marty and Tina have been on the mission field in West Africa since January 1995. Their ministry focuses primarily on translating books of the Bible into the local Baga language.